About Filipino Martial Arts

When you think about martial arts, what usually comes to your mind? Karate and Kung-fu are the most popular forms of martial arts. Taekwondo is also gaining some following since it is a major sport in most countries.

With the popularity of mixed martial arts as another major sports event, a lot of people are also becoming familiarized with the two main types of martial arts that are used there. Those two are Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu. But there are other forms of martial arts that most people are unaware of. You have to realize that almost all the countries in the world have developed their own martial arts over the years and that each is effective in its own way.

What Martial Arts is the Most Effective?

Knowing that there are so many types of martial arts around the world would probably lead you to wonder what the most effective system in the world is. Naturally that would be the one that you will be most interested in studying and learning. But there is no single answer to that. When you ask different martial arts masters what they would answer you is based on what they have learned.

Mixed Martial Arts

With the popularity of mixed martial arts steadily rising, some people feel that it is the ultimate testing ground for all fighting systems. They think that if a certain discipline proves to be effective there then it could be considered to be the most efficient and deadly. If that is the way that fighting systems should be judged when it comes to their effectiveness then kickboxing and Jujitsu would be the most effective. Practitioners of those two disciplines are the ones winning the championships in MMA matches. But that cannot be taken as a true measurement of a martial discipline’s effectiveness. There are some martial arts that are not used in MMA. One of those is Filipino Martial Arts.

Filipino Martial Arts

One of the martial arts systems that are known for its effectiveness is FMA is Filipino Martial Arts. It is also known by other names such as Kali and Escrima. Most people are unaware of what FMA is all about. Some who are unfamiliar actually have a wrong conception of it. They believe that it is a weapons only system because it uses sticks normally for practice. But they couldn’t be more wrong about that.

Training in FMA

Filipino Martial Arts was developed in the Philippines. The people of the islands developed a fighting system over the centuries, and when the islands were invaded by the Spaniards their fighting system was outlawed. So the Filipino warriors developed a way that they could train without arousing the suspicions of the Spanish authorities. So they created a way of practicing their fighting arts as a dance and they started using sticks.

Don’t be fooled by the use of sticks in FMA. The movements there can be translated into hand to hand combat as well. So it can be just as deadly.