Food, the Power Behind Your Strength

If cars are fueled with gasoline, the human body receives its energy from food sources. Humans rely on various food sources as nutritional supply. If properly fed, the human body will perform at its top condition. In case you do not eat the right foods, then you’ll experience some health problems such as low energy level. As a result, your strength won’t be at its best.

Food comes in different shapes, sizes, and sources. You can have food of animal or plant origin depending on your preference. Some people prefer vegetables and fruits over meat. These groups of people who are devoted to eating greens are known as vegetarians or vegans. Meat-lovers on the other hand, prefer eating meat over plants. Regardless of what you eat, the most important thing to consider is that the food you consume provides the strength that you need on a daily basis.

Food is anything that you eat to provide the nutrition needed by the human body. It is the power behind your strength. Anything that you feed your body will be used to recompense for the energy spent for whatever activity that has been done. If there’s something that can’t be neglected on a daily basis, then it’s eating. You can stop exercising, but you can’t stop feeding your body with foods. If you do, then your body will break down and medical problems will arise.

Good Sources of Energy

Our body feels like giving up once its energy has all been used up. Just like with cars, running out of gas will prevent them from moving forward. Our body won’t be able to perform once it runs out of energy as well. We need to feed it with foods that are high in energy if we are doing strenuous physical activities. Even if we aren’t doing demanding tasks, our body requires to be fed with a good source of energy on a daily basis. One way to make sure that your body doesn’t run out of fuel is by reaching for energy food. Here are some of the common foods we eat that are good sources of energy.

  • Eggs – they are good sources of high quality protein which provides the energy you need without making you eat a lot. If you are conscious about your weight, you can remove the egg yolk and eat the white instead. However, if you’re not bothered with packing in some pounds, you can actually eat the whole egg. Athletes or any person who’s into an intense physical activity consumes eggs right after the training to help the body recover it’s lost energy while feeding the broken muscle tissues.
  • Goji Berries – if you are familiar with Chinese medicines, then you’ve probably heard about Goji berries. Actually, you can buy them at the market. While they’re not the common berries we serve on our tables, they should actually be considered as additions to your regular diet. The Chinese have been using the berry to increase energy while enhancing the release of hormones. Today, goji berries are enjoyed by athletes not only because of their taste, but basically because they provide and release enough energy needed for the day. If you want to supply your body with good energy, then eating the energy boosting goji berry is an excellent option.
  • Coffee – most people at the gym drink coffee before they start their workout program to increase their energy. You need to support your body with enough energy in order to have the strength to go on with your physical activity. Coffee contains caffeine which helps boost the body’s energy. With coffee, you can be sure that you get a small amount of caffeine. Always remember that you only need a small amount of it to avoid getting addicted to the substance. You can drink any coffee you want as long as you limit your indulgence with the drink. Keep in mind that too much of anything can cause problems to the human body as well.
  • Soybeans – these are another good sources of energy. They are high in energizing nutrients which are important if you want to receive energy to fuel your body. Soybeans contain B-vitamins, copper, and phosphorous which are important in breaking down food which can be turned into fuel. At the same time, they don’t contain large amounts of carbohydrates which make the body gain weight. Soybeans are natural energizers used by body builders or athletes all over the world. They are one of the best foods that can help you achieve your goals without making you pack in some pounds in the process.
  • Nuts – you can also get good energy if you add nuts to your regular diet. The good thing about nuts is that you can enjoy eating them wherever you are. Aside from being handy, consuming them isn’t messy at all.


Aside from foods, water also helps in re-energizing the human body. Dehydration will easily make the body lose its energy. As a result, the human body will dramatically give up its strength. A dehydrated individual don’t have the energy to do physical activities. Even if fed with high energy foods, he won’t still be able to get up and do intensive activities. According to the experts, dehydration kicks in faster than starvation. As a result, the human body easily loses its energy from dehydration as compared with starvation. Fueling the body with water is one way to make sure that the energy won’t be spilled off. Rehydration is important if you want to make sure that you fuel the human body with energy.

Always drink lots of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Drinking one glass of water in the morning, one after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and one before you sleep will allow you to get 5 glasses of water a day. You’ll most likely drink from time to time, especially when you’re thirsty. Overall, you should get at least more than 8 glasses of water on a daily basis to make sure you get to rehydrate your body. Although soft drinks can provide energy to the human body because of the caffeine they contain, they have high amount of sugar that can be dangerous to the body. Water is still the best liquid to drink if you want to replace the body’s lost fluids. There’s just no substitute to clean water!

Feeding the human body with the right amount of nutritional requirements will allow it to perform and work at its optimum level. You can feed it with anything you want as long as they are safe for eating. However, you can’t expect just any food to give the fuel your body needs. There are foods that will feed it with the strength it needs to work properly. Just like with cars, you can’t put diesel on an automobile that feeds on gasoline. If you do so, then you’ll be doing more harm than good to your car. The same thing goes with the human body. You can’t feed it with the wrong stuff or else it won’t get the right nutrients it needs to fuel it.