Health Benefits Of Running

Fun runs and marathons are the ìinî thing nowadays because more people are aware of the fact that running can have many health benefits. Running has existed since the early times when man was required to run after an animal to hunt for food. Running, by definition is a means of terrestrial locomotion which allows rapid motion and travel by foot. Unlike walking, running has a specific gait which is required to uphold until a person reaches the finish line. These can be divided into two phases: the stance and swing.

The stance consists of a foot strike in which a plantar part of the foot makes initial contact with the ground. These can be subdivided into: forefoot, midfoot and heel. The ball of the foot depends on which surface it is most likely to touch most. There are lots of health benefits which can be derived from running. It is the ultimate cardiovascular workout which entails both speed and endurance.

Promotes Weight Loss

Since it is a high impact exercise, it promotes the utmost weight loss depending on which distance you would want to tread. It burns about 560 calories per hour and can still vary with the speed and distance. However, it is also important to take note that you have to start with interval runs. Interval runs are a simple workout of alternating a jog and a run for gradual conditioning.

Interval runs promote weight loss when a sudden burst of energy is made when you try to shift from jogging to sprinting. This causes your heart rate to shoot up and more oxygen levels are required so your heart can exert a maximal effort to pump in more blood. This causes an increase in metabolic rate thus resulting to weight loss.

Promote Respiratory Health

Running enhances deep breathing, which also promotes lung expansion. This promotes respiratory health because it maximizes the lungís capacity to take in oxygen. Studies show that people with asthma and other respiratory problems have slightly improved when they go into running. Just make sure that running is not supposed to be an abrupt start to get up and sprint. It entails gradual conditioning until the lungs can be capable to run a longer distance.

Enhance The Release Of Stress

Running helps release endorphins, the happy hormone, which enhances the release of stress. Running when sustained for longer periods of time can remove negative feelings such as anxiety and depression. It has also been proven that running can alleviate feelings of depression and regulate mood.

Build Muscle Strength

Running requires the strength of your lower calves so you can push forward to a farther distance. It builds muscles strength thus making your calves look toned. It can also help strengthen muscles on the buttocks which also serve as core strength in the lower body.

Provide Endurance

Running builds endurance, as you try to train from time to time. This is evident when you have upgraded the distance that you are currently running. Some initially start from 5k until they eventually reach a full 42k marathon. All it takes is perseverance to train and enhance endurance.