Signs that You Are Officially Moving On From A Previous Relationship

When a relationship ends, regardless of whether it was serious or not, it can still cost you your feelings and emotions. Breakups are hard and painful. Depending on the personís coping mechanism, it may take a few months up to a few years for a person to move on from a previous relationship.

But fortunately, time heals and when you take that first step to move on and forget about the person, you will find that there are infinite possibilities for you to do without that person. You may have learned a lot of lessons from the previous relationship. Sometimes, it doesnít even take an interpretation of how you have officially moved on because you are too busy with other things.

He/She Is Not The Person You Would Think Of When You Wake Up

When you wake up in the morning, the first person that would always come to mind is your significant other. You check the phone for messages and the answering machine to check if he/she called. After the breakup, most of us would stare the phone longingly, hoping that they can take back the things they said.

When you have moved on, you start thinking about the things you would want to do and not your significant other. Sometimes, it even comes as an unconscious thought that you have forgotten him, because he/she is not your priority anymore.

You Start Dating, Again

You start seeing other people and you try to get to know them better for who they really are and not by how they remind you of your ex. You start enjoying other peopleís company without making them into a shrink by airing out your previous relationship problems with them.

No More Regrets

After a breakup, it is easily to place the blame of failed relationship on ourselves. Maybe I didnít make an effort to make it work. Maybe I wasnít good enough. When you have moved on, you have accepted wholeheartedly that the relationship just didnít work. Period.

You No Longer Check His Facebook Page

We turn into self-proclaimed FBI agents when stalking our exís Facebook profile. Then we end up getting hurt when they are already in the arms of somebody else. This is the primary reason for the drunken night outs and wasted hangovers the next day. When you have moved on, you are no longer interested in checking his/her Facebook profile.

Your Standards Are Not Based On Your Ex

When you date somebody and you enjoy their company without even thinking about your ex, you have officially moved on. You set standards for a future partner based on what you like and not how similar they would be to your exís characteristics.

You Start Giving Away His/Her Gifts

Gifts are a painful reminder of the happy aspects of your relationship. If you start to dispose of the cards, pictures and the gifts your ex has given you, this is a sure sign that you have moved on. Unless, he/she gave you a stove, that would very difficult to get rid of though.