Signs That You Have A Toxic Friend

Friends are our frequent companions in our daily lives. But since we come from different backgrounds and culture, true friends are the people who understand every aspect of our personality regardless of who we really are. There are friends whom we can put out trust and there will always be that friend in a group who is considered as a ìtoxic friendî.

These toxic friends cause detriment in our daily lives because they are selfish and demanding. They disregard the feelings of others and can drain you of your emotions and even you money. We all have that innate kindness within that impedes us from being straightforward to these friends. Yet these toxic friends abuse your kindness, making you believe that they deserve all your attention.

The signs that you have a toxic friend will be hard to notice at first. Most of these ìtoxic friendsî sugar coat their pleas through nice and kind words. They are also manipulative in nature as they only care about themselves. They will try to sweet talk you for a free dinner, only to find out that you have drained half of your wallet already.

They Only Talk More About Themselves

These are the early signs you need to note because this is a tried and tested fact about toxic friends. They will only talk about themselves about how great they are or how glamorous their life is. Or they can say it in a way that they are fishing for compliments. Expect that a toxic friend will wail and constantly ask you, ìIs she prettier than me?î

Toxic friends will not listen to how your life has been; in fact they would always try to make it a point that the person in the hot seat for the night will be them. They love attention from where they can get it.

They Put You Down

This second sign is also one of the most important hallmarks of a toxic friend. We can understand that our friends give us constructive criticism because they want us to have more room for improvement. Toxic friends put you down and play the role of a ìDebbie Downerî when you share something positive that has been happening in your life.

For instance, you got a job promotion and most of your friends are happy for you. The toxic friend will always say something negative like, ìDid you sleep with your boss to be promoted as manager?î Or she will share about how great her job is and being promoted as manager is second rate.

They Drain You Of Time And Money

You dropped your daily workout routine because she has had another failed relationship and needs a shoulder to cry on. Work and leisure schedules get disrupted because they demand your time and attention.

Some toxic friends try to talk you out of having dinner together, only for you to end up paying the bill. Some even sweet talk you of having that glamorous wine night at the fancy restaurant, only to be cajoled into using your credit card as payment.

You Need To Get Out, Now

If these three signs fit your friend, it is better to stay away from her as soon as possible. If she doesnít get the hint of you avoiding her completely, try to break it off gently that you have other priorities and hanging out with her would impede personal growth.