Solar Energy is Environmental Friendly

If you’re looking for an alternative to the expensive energy cost, then investing in solar panels would be a smart move. Solar energy is usually acquired from the panels that store energy you need on a daily basis. While they are initially expensive, you can actually get lower expenses in the long run. In addition, it is environmental friendly as it provides clean energy that is renewable when the panels are recharged from the heat of the sun.

What is Solar Energy?

In simple English, solar energy is power from the sun. Panels absorb and store the heat which is later on converted into the energy we need to run our electronic devices. Just like with other sources of energy, the sun has always been considered as a good source because of its immeasurable ability to supply power. As a result, engineers have honed their skills on storing and converting the power of the sun into something useful to humans. Today, we enjoy free electricity in our homes thanks to this amazing invention. While it can be quite expensive at first, you can actually save serious money as you’ll never spend for your energy in the years to come.

How Solar Energy Works

In order to understand how a solar energy works, it is important to take a look at its mechanics. The sun provides the raw energy needed to supply power to any electronic device inside a home. In order to use that raw energy, we need to convert it into something useful to create electric power.

One way to use the power of the sun and turn it into solar energy is by making solar panels. These are boards used on trapping the raw energy of the sun. Just like with the earlier inventions that use solar power, you need to have a device that collects the energy of the sun.

Basically, a solar panel is composed of cells that store the raw energy from the sun. The cells are called photovoltaic or PV cells. Photo is light while voltaic is electricity. In short, you are converting light (sunlight) into electricity through these tiny solar cells. When the cells are connected and built into a frame, they are called modules. The number of modules used will depend on the amount of electricity you need for your electronic devices to operate.

Solar cells or PV cells are made of semiconductors such as silicon. Once the sun shines upon a cell, the light is absorbed by the semiconductor material. Now that the raw energy (light) is transferred and stored on the semiconductor, the energy knocks electrons. As a result, you have electrons that are freed within your semiconductor material.

Aside from a semiconductor material, a photovoltaic cell also has one or more electronic field that forces freed electrons to a specific direction. And when you have current, all you need is metal contact to draw it off. You have free energy that can be received from the sun whenever the light strikes on your PV cells.

Benefits of Solar Energy

We all know that solar energy is free but you have to invest a good amount of money for the device before you can create electricity to power up your electronics. Once you have invested on a solar panel, there are several benefits that you can expect from it aside from getting free energy. Here are some of the common advantages to the environment when you use solar energy.

  • Reduces Air Pollution – unlike with the other sources of energy, solar panels do not burn fossil fuels. As a result, there’s no particle released into the air which can affect the environment in the long run. Smog is the common product of burn fossil fuel. Basically, smog can be dangerous and detrimental to the health of the residents in a community. With solar energy though, you don’t have to burn fossil fuel just to get the energy you need to operate your various electrical devices. Instead, you save up energy on the cells from the raw power of the sun. As a result, you are contributing to the society by reducing air pollution. This is a simple yet effective step in saving Mother Nature.
  • Unlimited Resources without Negative Effects to the Environment – one of the best benefits we have from the use of solar energy is its unlimited resources. You can enjoy solar power as long as you want without paying a single cent to the sun. The better thing is that this has no negative effects to the environment. Imagine enjoying unlimited energy without worrying about anything. You can rest assured that you aren’t contributing to the degradation of our eco system. In addition, you don’t have to worry about shortage as long as there is sunlight that continues providing heat to your solar panels on a regular basis.
  • Does Not Affect Climate Change – the use of solar energy does not contribute to climate change. In fact, there’s nothing released from the panel that can affect even the slightest changes in our climate. As a result, it is a good alternative if you want to have unlimited resources of energy without being an unwitting accomplice in the destruction of our environment.
  • Less Need for Power Plants – imagine if every house in America has a solar panel to provide energy for each family. If ever that happens, then there’s actually no need for more power plants. As a result, we can preserve our environment due to the reduction of burnt fossil fuel in the air. Basically, the need for power plants rises when the demand for more power is generated. While this means more job opportunities to the people, it also spells additional structure that will gradually destroy our environment.
  • Green Energy Source – unlike with other alternatives to burning fuel fossils such as nuclear energy, solar power is a natural, environmental-friendly source of energy. It doesn’t have a by-product that can damage our environment.  As a result, it isn’t considered as a threat to the human society regardless of how many you use on your property. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about the solar panels installed in your home as they are harmless. All they do is store energy that you can use on your electrical fixtures. Other than that, they don’t actually have any hidden effects to humans as well as to the eco system.

If you are looking for an environmental-friendly source of energy, then you don’t have to look further as solar energy would easily come on top of the list. The above mentioned benefits would surely convince any homeowner to use it in his house. However, there are some things that discourage a lot of interested persons from using them instead of the fossil fuel burning power sources. One of these is the expensive cost of purchasing and installing them. Otherwise, they are great alternatives to the conventional sources of energy. In fact, they provide lots of benefits, especially to our environment. Besides, using solar energy which is environmental friendly is one way of protecting Mother Nature from further destruction.