The Detrimental Effects Of Gossip

Gossip is a part of human entertainment and is inherent in human nature. Magazines, tabloids and websites that sell gossip are such a hit among people worldwide. We gossip about who is dating who or who has dumped who when we get together with our friends. It is a part of human nature we canít erase but we can minimize this natural trait so that it will not be detrimental to others.

Gossip can be harmful when one makes it a habit to scoop out the latest news and tries to spread it through other people. The media get bashed for this because it does ruin a lot of relationships among public figures and celebrities. Yet for an outsiderís point of view, it is entertainment at its finest.

The reason why most people gossip is for the reason that talking about people can make them feel better about themselves. We talk about how Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson because it helps us feel better at the fact that our relationships are better than celebrities.

What Goes Around Will Always Come Around

Karma has its own way of trying to teach people not to do unto others what you donít want others to do unto you. For instance, you gossiped to your friend about your coworkerís mistress. Then the gossip was not actually true because it turned out to be his daughter who came back from college. You will be judged for how shallow you are and you will be the main subject of gossip in the workplace.

People who share the same hobby of gossiping are most likely to gossip about each other more than anybody else. So before you share that juicy piece of information to your fellow gossip lover, think about how he/she can gossip about your personal life too.

Nobody Will Trust You

You will be that person who can never be trusted. Gossip, even when sworn in secrecy that it will not be spread, in some way it will reach the subject of the gossip. When there is smoke, there is always flame. Friends and family treat you at a casual level but not to the point in which you can be trusted. One word and you might probably make it a fodder for gossip.

Instigates Petty Fights

In the workplace, it is common for employees to have their own set of squabbles. This can only be resolved when you try to confront the people involved in it. But with gossip, small fights can turn into bigger fights because most of the people who gossip are instigators by nature. Instead of resolving it, the fight becomes involved with the one who gossips and the people involved.

It Ruins Other Peopleís Relationships

Gossip, in its slanderous and derogatory nature, can ruin the best relationships from lovers to coworkers. For instance, you have a great working relationship with a fellow employee and you hear something bad about her that she had an abortion. You gossiped about with your other coworkers and its spreads like wildfire across the office. When this coworker finds out that you were the source of it, your great working relationship with that person will never be the same again.